Geoguessr: Game for Geography Geeks

Attention all geography geeks! Let me introduce you to my favourite online pastime: Geoguessr, an insanely addictive Google Maps guessing game.

This is how it works: you're dropped into an unknown Google Street View location and your task is to identify the place on a world map. You can walk around and see if you can find any clues that hint at your destination (think: landscape, vegetation, road signs, type of houses) before putting the pin on the right spot. The closer you get, the more points!

Sometimes you'll have an easy time determining your location: I was once dropped in the city centre of London and got a gazillion points for guessing the exact street. However, I've also been sent to remote desert byways, thinking I was in Mexico, whilst actually being in Australia.

I'm addicted! Not only does this game bring out the geography nerd in me, I also discover tons of new places in this way, like tiny islands off the coast of China!

Click here to play Geoguessr. Share your high score in the comments!

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