Cookies and Clothes at Rotterdam's Swan Market

I love markets: they are treasure troves of all sorts of goodies, they reflect the local culture at its best and their colourful and equally colourful people make me and my camera happy. Vintage markets in the UK, christmas markets in Germany, flower markets in the Netherlands... They all make my clock tick.

The so-called Swan Market in my hometown Rotterdam had been sitting on my bucket list for over two years, when I finally managed to visit it last Sunday. Always on the look-out for a bargain buy, I hopped on my bike in good spirit and cycled to the Museum Square, where the event was held. My expectations were high: people had told me the two-year old Swan Market could possibly be rivalling London's infamous lifestyle markets in the future — although this comparison might have been a little far-fetched, I was really excited to finally experience the dynamics of this upcoming market myself.

Well, what can I say? The Swan Market has left me craving for more!

There were stalls with home-made food and fresh local produce...

American cookies ©Maaike
Strawberries and other fruit & veg ©Maaike
Finger-licking cakes ©Maaike
Artisan bread ©Maaike
... stalls with vintage clothing, bags and colourfully crafted jewellery...

Cheap vintage clothing ©Maaike
Leather bags, handmade bags, antique bags ©Maaike
... stalls with rustic housewares and other quirky decoration material ...

Housewares from India, Morocco and other far-away places ©Maaike
... and live music, a water fight, and a lot of happy people chattering away!

Live music ©Maaike
A happy crowd ©Maaike
Although the Swan Market is only organised on a monthly basis and is relatively small compared to the Binnenrotte market in the city centre, it has definitely set the tone for what is to come in Rotterdam. Mark my words: the port city will soon become one of the hippest and creative hang-outs in the Netherlands, the Swan Market contributing enormously to this image (hopefully!).

If you happen to find yourself in Rotterdam, check the website to see if the Swan Market will be hosted when you're around. Entry is free; just bring some cash (should you happen to sniff out a bargain) and a smile!

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  1. De Swan Market - of iets vergelijkbaars in een andere stad - stond al hoog op mijn to-visit lijstje, maar na deze post alleen nog maar meer :)


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